We did it!

1 year old today

Keith Harrop

6/30/20241 min read

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We are 1 year old!

Today marks 1 year of A Conspiracy of Artists! Thank you all for helping keep this community strong.

Hey, look at us. One year ago, we were a band of artistic nomads. Now, we have a strong Facebook group, an Instagram page, and a web page, and we are about to launch our first-ever 'action'—the 'Conspiracy of artists' 5 month POP-UP art gallery at the JACC in Post Falls. (opening reception July 27)

Our mission statement remains the same:

• Form a nurturing, inclusive local art community.

• Encourage commitment, never judge ability

• Help lift fellow artists up who feel they are ready but don't quite know how to get started or get to the next level

• Create new and inventive ways to sustain our art careers outside of the normal channels.

• Become a recognizable entity in the local art scene

• Meet up for coffee.............btw, when should we do that again? It's been a while, I know, we've all been busy ....but we really should

Resources are:




Big cheers to everyone!