Get to know us

The Story So Far

Hi - My name is Keith Harrop. I'm a local artist. I started this community because I noticed an abundance of talent in this area. I attend many local art shows and chat with fellow artists. These soon became my friends. But I was surprised to find that although many of us knew of each other, there was no central hub to bring us all together. Equally, many artists would ask me how to get started in the local art scene, but there wasn't any focused resource to direct them to

It soon became clear that many artists wandering around the peripherals yearned for a sense of belonging. So, I put together a simple Facebook group last year to bring us all together. This, in turn, led to little coffee meetings, where there was such a rapid-fire exchange of information and enthusiasm that I soon realized just how much we really needed this.

That has now grown to collaborations. We are in the process of putting together our first art gallery show at the Jacklin Art and Culture Center in Post Falls, ID (July 27th - Dec. 31st). The excitement is growing fast as we prepare to showcase our collective talent.

So, that's the story so far. Conspiracy of Artists (COA) is growing rapidly, and I want you to join it and contribute whenever and wherever you can.

- Cheers!
Keith Harrop (Founder)

So, What's with all the birds wearing hats?

Nothing really. Forget about it. The whole name of the group was based on one of my pencil artwork pieces, 'A Conspiracy of Ravens.' Originally I just needed a place filler name for the group. But when I asked what we should really call it, it was voted unanimously as the name we should keep. - Keith Harrop

Our team

Our strength lies in our individuality. Set up all by myself, we strive to bring the local artists of the NW region together.

But as you can see, help is always appreciated. So please join my team if you want to get involved and help out the local art community

Founder: Keith Harrop