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We are close to opening our new art show in Post falls, ID. and have an opening night reception on July 27th. At the Jacklin Art & Culture Center.

Please come by and say hello. Join our growing band of art conspirators.

12 artists and co-conspirators will be showing original work and prints.

Network • Enjoy • Support art

We Are
'A Conspiracy of Artists'

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Our Facebook group is an artists-only community where we share our thoughts privately in a small(ish) but active, group. You can ask questions, give show reviews, and socialize. All in a safe, private setting. If you are an artist, please join us

About Us

We Unite

We bring artists of the NW region together to collaborate on projects and share ideas, fostering creativity and innovation.

We organize exhibitions and events to showcase the talent and diversity of our local artists.

We have a POP-UP art and gift gallery event running from July 27th through Dec. 31st.

Opening night reception, is July 27th and you 're all invited btw

Check out more details of the event -

We want to thank The Coeur d’Alene Arts Commission and the Jack Bannon Fund for the Arts, for their recognition and generous grant. It was accepted by fellow conspirators, Colin Hayes and Clint Whitsett. It was presented by none other than Ellen Travolta.

We got a grant

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