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Stay cool at the shows this summer

Author Keith Harrop:
'Cooling Towel'
sharing a tip on how to not cook inside your tent during these summer shows

Power and a fan

Author Keith Harrop:
'Ryobi comes to the rescue'
Need some power for your booth, but you don't have an electrical hook up? ...how about a solution to that and also a way to stay cool in your booth combined?

For full report, read here: Lewiston, 2024

Don't skimp on booth weights

I was just at a show where this rule was driven home very clearly. What a mess. In a nutshell, winds picked up, and so did many of the tents. They either had inadequate weights attached, or the weights were poorly connected to the tent, or, in many cases, the weights did their job, but the tent canopies were not secured to the frame.

Use 40lb minimum weights on each leg.
The wind got inside the tents because they were not zipped all the way down, and the interior straps were not attached to the legs. This created a vortex inside the tents and the result was a huge mess.

These are called 'tent hooks' are partially what saved my tent. The rod slides into the top of the pro panel. You then twist the top of it, and the panel and frame become one. GET THEM!!! https://www.propanels.com/product/tent-hook/

I got these from Amazon. You fill them with sand. They worked very well. Other people's weights, such as cinder blocks and disk weights, didn't fare so well.