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I was invited to be a guest on Trending Northwest's wonderful podcast. They produce a beautiful magazine that engages with the NW art and social scene. Skip to the last 5 minutes to hear me talk about our site, gallery project and mission statement.

Keith Harrop

6/18/20241 min read

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In today’s episode, we’re exploring the remarkable life and work of virtuosic pencil artist Keith Harrop. Leaving behind a corporate job, he embraced his passion for art, dedicating himself to the craft full-time.

His exquisite pencil drawings, each featuring charming characters with distinct personalities have captured the heart of art lovers across the region. His unique style and dedication have culminated in an upcoming coffee table book, which will showcase these captivating characters and their stories.

Additionally, Keith is preparing for an exciting art show at @thejacklincenter in Post Falls. This episode dives into Keith’s inspiring process, and what makes his art truly special. You won’t want to miss learning about this phenomenal artist and his upcoming projects!

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Learn more about his upcoming show at: